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Swag SWAGGER BOMB (SOLID) SWAG SWAGGER BOMB SOLID   .. Product #: SWAGBOMB-SOLID based on 19 reviews Regular price: $174.95 $174.95
Brand: Swag

$131.21  $174.95

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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium/Heavy
Coverstock Type SOLID
Core Name CRANK3R
Box Finish 3000 grit sanded
RG 2.576
Differential 0.045
Mass Bias
Coverstock Name USY 2 (SOLID)
Released Jan 2023
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (19)

Ryan Bulaclac
02-16-2024 10:32 AM
Bowler Info: 17mph / 340 RPM lefty.

The Swagger Bomb was my first Swag / California Bowling ball, and it's a good one! After throwing it on both house and a 46' sport shot, I can safely say that it fits into my bag just above my benchmark piece.

The Swagger Bomb reads the mid lane early and gives you a smooth controllable move into the pocket. For my style, this ball looks best for me when I'm playing up the boards rather than swinging the lane. I can see this being the ball I pull out to start a block on longer, medium volume patterns or any medium length patterns.

Looks great in league as well! As a lefty, I can stay in it all 3 games if there aren't any others on my pair. If there's a few others in the track, I'll likely look to go to a ball with some shine on it by game 3.
Paul Ahejew
01-12-2024 08:36 AM
I got this ball, and out of box I threw it two games in league. Shot 191, 193. Then I shot in my Thursday league shot 233, 211, 247. I have one thing to say about this ball. The name speaks for itself. The pins explode. I am more of a straight bowler, there were times it went out to board one and came back hard. It's a powerful must have piece in your bag. GREAT BALL.
my layout is 55x51/5x20. Goes long and snaps back hard.
Jacob Harper
11-08-2023 05:39 AM
The Swagger Bomb is a good control piece! Sees the mid lane and rolls off of it, giving you the control you’d want. Playing straighter with tighter angles best suits it for my game. Doesn’t allow me to get left and bend it as it’s too smooth for those angles, but kills it on the fresh from straighter!
Tony McGerr
06-06-2023 06:09 PM
If you typically play straighter and need a symmetrical ball to see the midlane, you might like the Swagger Bomb. It almost seems to have a second hook phase after it sees the friction and rolls out. I loved how the Swagger Showoff rolled for me at a ball demo, so I laid out my Bomb very similarly and wasn't disappointed. If you have lower revs and want to use it on a fresh, high-volume shot, you may need to use some surface - the USY2 coverstock is very smooth off the end of the pattern.
Yuma Scott
05-04-2023 11:49 AM
This is a great benchmark ball for me. Not to violent on the backend and controllable enough on medium dry. I'm thinking about getting another and putting more surface on it for a step up.
I went with 4x4x2 layout and I love how controllable it is.
Tadeo Rodriguez
05-02-2023 06:09 AM
I was very excited to get my hands on this one since I love my Showoff, but this ball is a bit too strong for me… the good: it reads the lane really strong and if you fear your ball is not hooking enough or won’t hook once you ride the gutter then this is the ball for you. The bad: for my own personal way of throwing this going to be a ball for when the lanes are dry aka game 3 or beyond. But overall it was consistent every time I threw it, but for me a tad to strong to start a set.
John Whittaker
04-15-2023 09:43 PM
Area Staffer

15 mph
Rev rate 300ish

I keep this in my bag sanded at 2k & polished. This gives me a very controlled pearl which reads the midlane nicely on sport shots but finishes with a hard backend reaction that is very reliable.

Typically I use use this early in transition where I need a clean look through the heads but have found it to be quite speed sensitive and predictable. This one surprised me and will remain in my tourney bag for the foreseeable future.

Take a look, this ball can fill many different spots in your bag!
Ben Minerley
04-09-2023 04:07 PM
Area staffer Ben Minerley,

This ball is my first ball out of my bag in league, strong piece for heavy oil, controllable and Dosent fly off the friction. Nice and smooth reaction.
Leon Neubauer
03-18-2023 03:32 PM
The ball is drilled in a 4x4x2 layout, and I've thrown about 15 games with it so far.

Out of the box, on my THS, it didn't move much; however, after hand scuffing it with a 1000 pad, it came to life. It is "striking" just how smooth this ball is, and it's perfect for me as a down-and-in bowler. I largely threw it straight up 5-7 board, speed was around 16mph, and it just walked into the pocket. The reaction was very predictable, and it carried corner pins.

On heavier oil, I've not needed to change balls, however on a typical league night I've needed to change for the 3rd game.

I love the ball, and the more I throw it, the more comfortable I am.

Leon Neubauer
Area Staff Member, New Jersey
Ira Taylor
03-17-2023 02:36 PM
I have 2 of these one pin up and one pin down. Love them both. It just kills the pins. Love the fact that i can move form one to the other when lane conditions change and not move my feet or spot on the lane.
Mark Moell
03-13-2023 09:17 PM
Best thing about this ball is the predictability. With the solid cover and s core the ball is very smooth but quite aggressive. It never jumps hard off the break, and continues to roll into pocket. For me this is always my go to on most shots as I know exactly what it will do on every condition.
Kiefer Neumann
03-10-2023 11:34 AM
The Swagger Bomb may be the most versatile ball that Swag currently has. Out of box the ball reads fairly early and still gives you a stronger backend motion. As it starts to lane shine, it still reads the midlane and keeps that strong back end. I have started some league nights playing up 5 and finished crossing 25 and saw no decline in performance from the Bomb.
Jeremiah Rooney
03-10-2023 08:04 AM
Overall the Swagger bomb is an excellent and versatile ball.

At its out-of-box surface, the ball gets decent length through the heads, reads the mid-lane strong, and rolls smoothly on the back end. As a high rev 2-hander, having a smooth continuous shape that I can control is a must!

This ball plays well with more surface and with less surface, depending on your needs.
David Carter
02-28-2023 05:48 PM
Ball is a very good piece drilled mine to be neutral and is very smooth with a strong backend motion and destroys the pins
Scott Kennell
02-22-2023 05:40 PM
The Swagger Bomb handles the front part of the lane with ease and makes the turn on the backend of lane like I have never seen. This is the ball you want to start with on a fresh house shot or fresh tournament shot. I drilled my Swagger bomb pin under the ring finger and now thinking about getting another one just to drill it with the pin above my fingers to see what it does.
Sean Gruetter
02-20-2023 05:12 AM
I went to the pinnacle bowling ally today to test out the swagger bomb before league tomorrow. I was testing on a THS shot. The layout I used on the swagger bomb is 90x2x65 this is a short pin layout. It gives me length with a nice rounded shape.The crank3r core make it heavy rolling off the spot and usy2 cover stock sanded at 3000 allows it to slow down and read the lane. I can see when the swagger bomb lane shines it will be a little cleaner down lane. I will be adding the swagger showoff to my bag. So put that swag in your bag!!! #swag #CaliforniaBowlingLLC
Matt Schleicher
02-19-2023 11:01 AM
This ball is something special. If you need a controlled first ball out of your bag piece that gives you nice length but has a strong left to right movement to the pocket...this is the ball for you. It is a tad cleaner than the Joker and Fantasy Daze, but reacts to friction in a much more defined way. For me as a 2 hander, it is the optimal symmetrical solid to start off with and see what's going on with the lanes, but because of it's down lane reaction, you can still move left and open your angles before making a ball change.
Tim Klepper
02-17-2023 01:38 PM
Area Staffer
Right Hand with Thumb
17.5mph/450rpm/55* rotation/4* tilt
My Swagger Bomb is drilled pin down, to reduce the flare and make it as smooth as possible.
The first thing I noticed with this ball is how LOUD it is when it hits the pins. Not sure if this is because of the core, but this thing literally explodes the rack.
Despite being a sanded solid, the high rg nature of the core seems to give this ball quite a bit of length, and despite drilling to smooth it out, it can seem angular off the friction. As a high rev player, this actually creates a really smooth, controllable shape that will serve as my automatic benchmark on all medium conditions (I disagree with those who say it’s stronger than the Daze, as mine is not.) But that fits perfectly in my bag and is the first one I pull out for score now.
Low rev players may find that the core provides a really strong backend motion if you drill it to flare, and will likely be quite clean through the heads and angular on the back.
Rece Herron
02-11-2023 01:23 PM
Great ball, motion down lane is nice and strong for the fresh conditions and still very controllable backend motion. Easily my new benchmark ball to test the lane condition. Hits like a tank as well.
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