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Swag HOLIC - PINK/PURPLE/GRAY SWAG - Pearl - Dry Symmetrical.. Product #: Holic32019 based on 9 reviews Regular price: $125.95 $125.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Dry
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Holic
RG 2.606
Differential 0.024
Mass Bias N/A
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name Sweep
Released March 2019
Core Type Symmetrical


Reviews (9)

Kyle Lipp
05-13-2019 07:50 AM
Great ball for dry lanes. It gives me the hitting power of a pearl but the reaction of a urethane. Allows me to get down lane when the really dry out. Would recommend this ball to anybody looking for a ball to go to on dry conditions. I am a higher rev 17.5 mph player.
Ken Kirkman
06-12-2019 03:35 PM
Great ball for the dry lanes. Allows me to play up 10 on the third game on a 41 ft THS. I am a medium speed medium rev bowler and this is a great match up for drier lanes. It is also good on shorter patterns as a starting ball
William Biggs
10-07-2019 11:24 PM
I ordered this ball for one of the woman bowlers and she loves the smooth roll and great back end
James McMahill
11-06-2019 01:58 PM
This ball doubles as my spare ball but is also a great ball for dry lanes. It moves off the spot without being overly aggressive. I plan on getting another to drill up more aggressive to see if I could have one for an adjustment game. Great product.
Michael Dempster
11-16-2019 10:38 AM
Don't sleep on this ball highly versatile. No lack of power this ball truly delivers a hit, another great piece from swag
Troy Cubbage
06-09-2020 11:20 AM
This ball comes out of the back when the lanes start to break down. Ball get down lane and has a very smooth roll and reaction.
Cynthia Witt
07-20-2020 09:50 AM
Interesting that I bowled an all spare game with the ball I shoot 6 & 10 pins with. That’s one thing I really like about this ball, it’s great for those difficult right side spare shots and can be used as a strike shot ball when the lanes are fried.
Now I just need to find that one strike ball to shoot an all strike game with. LOL
Kileene Collins
08-19-2020 12:14 PM
Ordered this for my husband. He is a low rev bowler and it allows him to play the dry lanes when his others are over reacting.
Jay Mulhollen
11-10-2020 05:03 AM
A must have piece for game 3 of league or a dry condition. THis ball is clean through the front part of the lane. I have mine drilled 40x4x40 and it reacts very well. Clean through the front and nice smooth reaction downlane on the friction. First game I used it was game 3 of a league set and go 277. MUST HAVE PIECE!
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