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Swag JOKER MANIAC SWAG- Pearl- Symmetrical - Heavy   .. Product #: SWAGJKM based on 21 reviews Regular price: $185.95 $185.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type PEARL
Core Name GRINDER V2
Box Finish 3000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.514
Differential 0.050
Mass Bias NONE
Coverstock Name RVR 3 (PEARL)
Released SEP 2022
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Symmetrical



Reviews (21)

Jacob Harper
11-07-2023 08:08 AM
The Maniac reads the mid lane well and smooth down lane! It’s my benchmark ball and lets me know what the lanes are doing. There’s actually some versatility in this ball as well! I can play straighter best with it, and can move a little left as I begin to get around it!
Nathan Schoen
10-31-2023 06:06 AM
Wow. Just wow! This ball checks all the boxes! This has been my go to ball during league so far this season and wow has it been impressive. It is strong and man does it hit hard! Overall a fantastic piece and a must have for any style of bowler!
Steven Helms
10-28-2023 08:15 AM
Used this ball for our Thursday night league team. Right out of the box it is amazing. I’m a medium rev player and this ball gave me so much confidence on our heavy oil lanes. My team asked me “ is that you’re new ball”? They could not believe how well I threw it. Joker Maniac not only looks cool with colored finger inserts to match it, this ball will move and carry. Love this ball, it’s my new favorite in my bag.
Samuel Figueras
10-10-2023 09:53 AM
Love the ball motion on this ball
Brian Medford
05-31-2023 08:24 AM
What a maniacal clown prince! How I love the way this ball rolls through the oil and does not stop on the backend. Great shape, some forgiveness and consistent hitting power. I have this drilled pin an inch above the bridge with the CG kicked towards my PAP and at box surface. This ball & drilling allows me to play deep inside when the track area is dominated with traffic. I can get 15 or so boards left and swing the lane and score while others are struggling with transition & ball changes. This is a money ball and well worthy of being a Joker!
Jeff Enlow
05-16-2023 12:18 PM
Very good at reading the middle of the Lane. Has some forgiveness to it. Maintains power into the pins. Lots of messengers to wipe the 10 pin. It's an upgrade from the Swagger showoff.
Tadeo Rodriguez
05-02-2023 06:03 AM
This is a good one to have in your bag, may be my favorite of the Jokers. Pretty strong once it turns.
Justin Koonz
04-26-2023 07:21 AM
Good ball that gets down lane and entry into the pocket is predictable. For me, the ball does not carry well so far. Could be because I dropped weight or maybe need to adjust the surface or play with me speed a bit. Drilled it 55/4/25 and thought it would hook a bit more than it does down lane.
02-20-2023 06:51 PM
Clean roll and smooth motion, much easier to read with when I am trying to figure out the lane and what shape I am looking for. The Joker Maniac definitely carries all the way through once it gets into pocket. It is a bit speed sensitive for me so if I end up not keeping my speed consistent, I am left with a stone 8 or stone 9. She's a beauty down the lane so I can't be mad at her for too long.
Joe Innis
02-20-2023 11:23 AM
Regional Staffer
Buford, Ga

With the drilling of 105 x 3.75 x 30, this is a great compliment to the original joker. When throwing the joker and it becomes too much, I can switch to the Maniac and stay in the same spot and never lose anything. What is great about this ball, also, is that not only can you get left and swing the lane, but when the lanes have a little more volume, you can get on top of the lane and keep everything in front of you and not lost hitting power. Great piece to have in your bag.
Eric Floyhar
01-06-2023 06:03 AM
Left handed, 375-400 Rev rate, 16 mph, down the boards type player. 220+ avg.

Drilled this pin up left of ring finger, ball being symmetrical rolls up earlier than others in my bag but still has power down lane. Throws pins like a beast, tons of messengers with this ball!

Definite go to ball on medium to heavy oil conditions. Can be a bit speed sensitive, but if you are firm with the hand and fairly accurate, this ball can be deadly. What I love is the storing energy -- so many balls burn up in the heads, but this gets through them and still turns the corner.

If you do not have this ball in your bag, you are missing out!
Jermaine Brown
01-03-2023 09:22 PM
I'm more of the damn bowler but it need to I can swing the ball. I've been looking for a ball like this because of my speed just all gets to pocket just the way I wanted too. I have set it up pin up kick the CG out and the ball just turns nicely into the pocket. Also our brother James that's also on staff he had got a joker Maniac his little bit more aggressive I threw his just to see a different setup and it turned even harder so I will be buying another joker actually two.
James Polk Jr
01-03-2023 09:35 AM
Love this ball has a awesome ball motion.. you can use this ball on all conditions.. it a must ball to have in your bag
Chad Smaltz
12-11-2022 02:22 PM
This ball definitely lived up to my expectations it is very versatile can play straighter with it or get in and get around it definitely my favorite ball so far good length and great shape off the spot
James Hart
12-03-2022 04:29 AM
This is probably the best ball I have thrown in years. It is very sharp on the back end but I feel like I can play almost any part of the lanes with it. I averaged well over 220 the first few weeks with it. Between it and the pure fantasy I have not needed to even pull out any other ball lately.
Tony Cook
12-02-2022 09:53 PM
If you love the Joker line this ball is great. It fits, for me, in between the OG Joker and the Joker wild. This ball has the same great shape just cleaner through the fronts then the Joker and harder off the spot then the Wild. This ball is defiantly a must have.
Matt Schleicher
11-12-2022 02:05 PM
The Joker Maniac lives up to the hype around it's release. It can best be described as a ball that allows you as the bowler to be versatile in how you play, giving you the ability to tighten up your angles and play a bit faster, or slow down and sit in the oil letting the ball do its job crushing the pocket.

Being a 2 hander, this ball gives me a smooth look with a consistent shape, and it really loves the oil. I look forward to trying out different surface adjustments on this piece because of no nonsense repeatable motion this ball has, all while having elastic-E technology in the coverstock giving you the confidence that the pins are going to be sent flying.
Elisha Wood
11-11-2022 11:09 AM
Such an incredible shape, and reaction. Very strong, and early but with incredible continuation. EXTREMELY VERSATILE. If you're looking for a benchmark type ball. This is the one to get.
John Myers
10-30-2022 10:08 AM
Area staff

This is probably one of my favorite balls of all time. I have several favorite balls but this is in the top five.. it's so smooth to the pocket. If you don't have one in bag I would highly recommend.
Jeremiah Rooney
10-23-2022 09:56 AM
Bowler Stats:
Two handed, right.
Rev rate: 450 +
Ball Speed at pins: 18 mph
PAP: 6 1/4 over by 3/8 down

This ball is everything that the Joker Wild was not. With a coverstock update to the RVR3, this ball has a much better mid-lane read than the wild. With a medium-fast response at the breakpoint, this ball maintains control at the breakpoint while the strong mid-lane read provides excellent continuation through the pin deck.

With the Elastic E outer core, carrying light pocket hits really becomes a breeze.

Don't miss out on this gem!
Derek Taylor
10-14-2022 07:34 AM
I was looking for a strong ball for heavy oil and I shot 723 right off the press on a 43 foot modified house pattern. Before i got this ball drilled I was having problems getting good shape out of my other Swag equipmrnt and this ball delivered!!! BEAST!!
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