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Swag DYNAMITE MAX SWAG- Pearl- Symmetrical - Mid to Heavy   .. Product #: DMT-2 based on 18 reviews Regular price: $185.95 $185.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Mid to Heavy
Coverstock Type PEARL
RG 2.491
Differential 0.049
Mass Bias NONE
Coverstock Name RVR 3 (PEARL)
Released AUG 2022
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (18)

Konner Gerken
04-08-2024 07:44 AM
Pick this ball up as my seed ball and I was impressed! Reads the lanes well and when it sees friction, it turns hard and continues through the pins! Drilled 45x4x20
Jacob Harper
11-07-2023 08:35 AM
The Dynamite Max to me is a good first transition piece when you don’t want to be in something too angular down lane, but still a cleaner piece that sees the mid lane. Doesn’t let me open my angles TOO much, but is something I get into when whatever ball I use first in league starts to roll out!
Daniel Hagan
05-09-2023 04:52 PM
Update - last 8 weeks I have gone from 168 - to 211 average per week with this wrecking ball…….this ball is speed sensitive allowing it to be thrown at ANY pattern

Yuma Scott
05-04-2023 11:53 AM
This ball for me is just below benchmark, depending on the house of course. If you are in a house with lighter oil, it could be the perfect match. I went 4x4x2 on this one. I absolutely love the looks on this one and have sold about 10 of them! Great choice!
Ben Minerley
04-09-2023 04:09 PM
Area staffer Ben Minerley

The dynamite max is my favorite transition piece, it hits like a truck from as far left as you need to go.
Dan H
04-02-2023 09:08 PM
Probably the best ball out there no one has heard of. Getting a lot of looks in league. Very versatile straight up or swinging inside out. Keeps the pins low and hits like a truck. 629 out of the box. Thanks Swag
03-07-2023 12:39 PM
This ball can be played from all over the lane which is unusual for a shiny pearl. On light hits it spins em hard and on flush hits it keeps the pins low exploding into the pit. It hits as hard as an asymmetric but with a great controllable arcing motion. 704 drilled out of the box. Into the bag it goes and out goes the Zen - the Dynamite Max takes out corners better for me with that low pin action. Good job Swag!
Paul Iommi
02-13-2023 12:45 PM
Love this ball. It is extremely consistent down the lane. Hits hard every time. It allows you to play straighter angles, and it perfect for many house shots. It will also match up on many sport conditions
Justin Koonz
02-04-2023 04:39 PM
This ball looks awesome going down lane and love the shine. I had it drilled 65/3.5/55 and it gets down lane well and still has a decent amount of backend continuation through the pins. First 4 games 25+pins over average out of the box!
Phil H
01-05-2023 01:26 PM
I just purchased this ball ,and all i could say is Wow,
Like JJ Walker says on Good Times "DINOMITE"
This ball is awesome. Has a powerful backend and gets out the corners. This ball keeps the pins low .
Great on the fresh, and on transition. Keep up the good work California bowling.
James Polk Jr
01-03-2023 09:32 AM
Awesome ball out the box shot 279 its a need ball to get purchased
Jeremiah Martin
12-14-2022 10:12 AM
So this is my first Swag ball I have ever thrown, and all I can say is WOW. I have it drilled 80x4.5x40 pin over ring finger. I was able to play all the way left, or take hand out of it and play strait up 5. it reads the midlane very well, and has a great backend much stronger then anything I have thrown. I would highly recommend this bowling ball.
Scott Kennell
12-09-2022 06:08 PM
This ball is super clean though the fronts, controls the mid lane remarkably well, and stores enough energy on the backend to make a strong move to the pocket. When I had to move left, I need to add a little surface to the cover to ensure the ball made a clean recover. Once I made the surface change the ball became a true beast. My drill in this ball was 4x2x4.
Elisha Wood
12-08-2022 02:07 AM
When I first drilled this ball, I honestly didn't know how to feel about it. As it was extremely over-under for me. After I knocked the polish off and it got some games on it, it just kept getting better, and better! I just shot my first 300 with this ball, and am expecting many more from it.
McKinley Knopp
12-04-2022 08:12 PM
Dynamite Max drilled at 55x5x65 this layout is my go to versatile layout for symmetrical pearls. Clean through the fronts and responds well off the dry without burning up. This ball for me will be a killer on walled house shots and also when there is free hook to the right on different patterns
Aaron Howard
10-03-2022 09:37 AM
Excellent eye appeal, and so clean through the front and mid lane area, partnered with excellent control and hitting power in the pocket.
Joshua Ison
09-26-2022 09:04 PM
The pearl benchmark ball EVERYONE NEEDS!!! Super easy to read, looks great going down the lanes, and amazing backend motion is the icing on the cake!!! This ball will definitely be the first out the bag for most house shots and challenge patterns. It will allow you to play straighter angles, and chase it left without making those drastic moves left.
Robert Burton
09-16-2022 06:13 AM
Love this ball. It is really smooth and has a nice strong but controllable back end. Back end isn't too strong to the point where you will blow by the 9 pin. Hits hard and shreds the rack.
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