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Swag BIG BRO BURN UP LIMITED EDITION (URETHANE SOLID) SWAG BURN UP LIMITED EDITION (URETHANE/SOLID)  .. Product #: BURNUP-LE based on 9 reviews Regular price: $194.95 $194.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Coverstock Type SOLID
Box Finish 1000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.515
Differential 0.053
Mass Bias 0.018
Released MAR 2023
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Asymmetrical






Reviews (9)

David Packingham
01-19-2024 12:52 PM
I just want to say thank you so much for making such a great urethane bowling ball. I am throwing the brand new ball that is called Big Bro Limited edition.
I have averaged 234 with that ball,In my last 42 games.If it starts to take off and hookup early I move deep inside and it still rolls up perfectly in the hole.Last night I had games of 222,290,245 for 757.Tons of role on the back end to make up for any mistake made at the foul line.The whole 42 games I have not gone to another ball so that is great for me. I have all kinds of balls, all urethane, from original blue hammers to the newer purple hammer and the Double Cross, with a mix of Columbia u-dots I can only throw urethane so out of the box first game was 265 and ended set with 768.The reason I can only throw urethane balls is because I have to much "hand". I look forward to telling everyone that asks me about what I am throwing, I will gladly tell and show them the website because I believe in your bowling balls 100%!
Donald Petty
11-22-2023 12:16 PM
Excellent ball.¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Klepper
08-20-2023 04:36 PM
Area Staffer
Right Hand with Thumb
17.5mph/490rpm/55* rotation/4* tilt

This ball is quite an interesting piece. While I loved the OG pearl Burn Up, I was a bit hesitant with this one as a stronger asymmetrical urethane with a big core. With many showing hesitancy in the other brands for big core, solid urethanes, I was quite hesitant with this one.

Drilled similar to the OG, this ball is about an arrow and a half stronger, earlier, and a good tanky urethane when you need that bit of extra torque. While I personally don't need the big core, for those looking for a bridge into urethane or lower rev players, this urethane will provide the stable, smooth roll that they are looking for when they need to control the friction.
R Patching
07-26-2023 03:35 PM
I have two of these Big Bro Burn Up LE’s drilled up by Dino from World Class Bowling Products in Australia. One is pin down which works well as a spare shooter and a strike ball when the lanes gets trashed. The pin up drilling is a great option when you are on a fresh THS. I have shot a 245 game straight out of the box with this ball. Awesome! I also have the original Big Bro Burn Up (Pearl) which has shot a game high of 278. So overall the urethane options in the big bro line are Awesome!
Keyon Brown
06-04-2023 08:22 PM
I was scared for a little while not having access to an asymmetrical urethane. When urethane is in play, it's almost not fair. They carry is better than ANY urethane I've seen. I would put this ball up against any company's urethane. Do not pass this one up. Should be part of everyone's arsenal.
Steven Mann
05-25-2023 06:31 PM
I have to admit I was very skiddish after a bad experience with a purple hammer Urethane Pearl and I was very much taken back by this ball! It was smooth, it wasn’t flippy, didn’t hang or die out, it made the lanes much easier to combat, make adjustments and has singlehandedly bumped my average from 177 to 204 just throwing it.
Andrew Aries
05-07-2023 06:20 AM
Never have a urethane ball of my own until now. It definitely flares a lot for a urethane ball. I like it. It is going to be a ball to help with accuracy and be a spare ball in the bag, like most other urethanes.
Alex Bonesteel
04-25-2023 06:15 AM
The Big Bro Burn Up LE is my go to on short sport patterns. It reads the lane super early and controls the lane on its way down. I am easily able to get right on the lane and let the core of this ball drive itself right into the pocket. It also works wonders for spares and it does not over hook when flattening out my hand.
Mark Moell
04-15-2023 01:08 PM
Having thrown multiple Urethanes over the last 2 years (black widow, purple hammer, pitch purple, zen u) I will say this has been my favorite by far. Extremely predictable and with the big asym weight block it allows you to move deep when needed. If you're a Urethane user this is a must have in your bag.
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