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Legends SECRET DIAMOND LEGENDS - Solid - Medium/Heavy   .. Product #: SCD based on 18 reviews Regular price: $184.95 $184.95
Brand: Legends


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium/Heavy
Coverstock Type Solid
Core Name DYNASTY ver..2
Box Finish 4000 Grit Sanded
RG 2.547
Differential 0.058
Mass Bias
Coverstock Name XRT 1321 (SOLID)
Released SEP 2021
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (18)

Jonathan Lavengco
02-13-2024 02:39 AM
(Area Staffer)

This was the first ball I decided to get and let me tell you it’s my benchmark ball always the first one to get taken out and I love it so much. Very predictable I haven’t thrown anything so smooth in a long time. This is a ball that I believe everyone should at least try it out for themselves and see why it’s so many other people’s benchmark balls.
Jacob Harper
01-30-2024 03:37 AM
The Secret Diamond is another great benchmark ball in the line! Drilled the same as my Royal Diamond at 60x4x30, the Secret rolls a lot earlier and smoother compared to the Royal. Definitely still the strongest Diamond to this day. Really good ball to control medium-heavy patterns!
Michael Dempster
01-05-2024 12:41 PM
Regional staffer(southeast)
No thumb
15-17 mph
500+ rev-rate
You can not not like this ball !
Thrown some big games with it.
Others can trash talk this brand all they want , their the ones missing out.
Hogan Hargrove
08-31-2023 01:11 PM
The best bowling ball I have ever thrown.....that's all
02-20-2023 06:53 PM
Her name is Sasha and she's a fiesty one, definitely a huge secret weapon for me. She floats nicely through the front then sparkles as it snaps into pocket. Smooth like butter but fiesty when she needs to attack the pins. The color is beautiful rolling down the lane and I always have to have her in my bag next to my Fantasy Daze.
Anna Hahn
12-03-2022 07:58 AM
This ball is my favorite ball from all of the brands from California Bowling, easily call it my benchmark ball and use it first or second out my bag on the lanes in almost any oil condition it is just so smooth and strong, creating very nice controllable shape. I love this ball and can't rave enough about it, it's a symmetrical but when it reads that mid-lane it eats like an asymmetrical ball through that oil. If you need something smooth and strong, this one is for you.
James Sellers
11-07-2022 12:26 PM
Drilled it to replace my strong solid benchmark from a different manufacturer, not only did it replace, it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. First ball out of the bag every league night here lately. Very strong controllable shape on a variety of different conditions.
Scott Kennell
07-12-2022 06:25 PM
The Secret Diamond is one of the most impressive balls I have thrown from California bowling. The layout I used in my Secret Diamond was 60x4x30. This ball floats through the heads and midlane with ease and makes the turn with no issue. The secret diamond retains a lot of power when going through the pin deck which makes the pins head straight to the pit. Even when I moved left (I am right-handed bowler) the secret diamond had no issue with the steep angle I was playing and never lost any energy on the back end to snap out those corner pins with ease.
Tony McGerr
04-06-2022 12:42 PM
This ball shouldn't be nearly as much of a secret as it is! The coverstock blends out cliffed house shots extremely well, and the two-piece core provides unparalleled carry/hitting power. One night at league, I started the first game with the front five in a house that is known for its heavy oil, so don't worry about the symmetrical core not being strong enough to use on the fresh. To top it off, the solid light purple pour looks great and really stands out on the ball return.
Brandon Mens
02-06-2022 05:04 PM
The Secret Diamond from Legends is a very strong and even symmetrical ball. On a fresh house shot I was able to play deeper than most people and still had plenty on the backends
Justin Weiss
01-17-2022 11:57 AM
The Secret Diamond from Legends by Lane Masters is a great benchmark ball. Out of the box I found the cover to be a little too aggressive for the volumes of oil typically seen in my area but once the cover lane shined a bit the ball really came into its own. A must have if you are looking for a smooth rolling benchmark ball.
Michael Dempster
12-11-2021 08:54 AM
6" over .63 up drilled this 50°x 5"x40° rev rate somewhere in the 500's This ball came around after I had put 15 to 20 games on it. Very pleased with the shape and hitting power of the Secret Diamond
This one is no quitter.
Tyler Kuykendall
11-29-2021 05:53 AM
PAP 4 5/8" over 1 1/8" Up. RPM 360. The Secret Diamond is just that a Diamond. It is a great ball that is forgiving. The reason for the 4 star review is because it sometimes struggles getting left, and tries to read the midlane to early and burns up to early. When you keep your angles tighter this ball is amazing and hits like a truck. Layout is 40x4x30.
Justin Koonz
10-29-2021 04:24 PM
This ball is a well kept secret! Drilled it 42/4/34 and it hits like a gem (diamond). It cuts through the oil mid lane and has great reaction down lane to get back to the pocket. This is my go to ball for right now when the oil is fresh.
Michael Bishop
10-27-2021 08:07 AM
This is the mvp of benchmark balls. This ball is so good that I had to order another one. Got it off the press yesterday threw it once, dead flush packed in the pocket and that’s all I needed to see. I used the same layout as my other Secret Diamond (45 * 4 * 50) which is why I only threw it once because I knew what I was gonna see, I wanted another one that had a fresh cover for tournament competition. It picks up the midlane at she keeps on trucking through the pins. Can get a little lazy when encountering transition, but a simple speed adjustment solves that. Lastly it’s pretty going down the lane which helps. IMO this is the best ball that we’ve got to offer to fit all calibers of bowlers. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

Michael Bishop
California Bowling Area Staff
Denny Jay Ganob
09-30-2021 03:03 AM
The Secret Diamond from Legends by Lane Masters is strong! Good combo with another Diamond line ball of your choice. I use this with my Pure Diamond. This solid cover has an aggressive read of the mid lanes before taking a strong, controllable motion off the backend. With the 2-Piece ball construction this ball sends pins flying and when it connects with the pocket, it just trucks through. The same great shape you'd expect from the Diamond line and you will not be disappointed! The design and color on this ball is very appealing and eye catching. If you need a strong ball that reads the lane early, this may be the ball you are looking for!
Lerew Young
09-08-2021 09:51 PM
This ball is Amazing right out of the box!! Love it’s shape and it’s motion down lane!!
Tim Curran
09-08-2021 08:34 AM
The Secret Diamond from Legends by Lane Masters is exactly what I thought it was. Matches beautifully with the Blue Diamond Limited. Nice aggressive read of the mid lanes before taking a strong, controllable motion off the backend. This ball doesn’t stop. Continuation is plain ridiculous though the pins. This one is going to be in the bag for a long time.
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