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Swag SHOW ME THE MONEY SWAG - Heavy - Solid - Asymmetrical  .. Product #: SMTM2020 based on 7 reviews Regular price: $169.95 $169.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Solid
Box Finish 3000 GRIT SANDED
RG 13 : 2.591 / 14 : 2.553 / 15 : 2.510 / 16 : 2.497
Differential 13 : 0.045 / 14 : 0.055 / 15 : 0.053 / 16 : 0.049
Mass Bias 13 : 0.020 / 14 : 0.024 / 15 : 0.023 / 16 : 0.023
Coverstock Name DAZZLER 2
Released March 2020
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings 60 Hook - 14.5 Length - 14 Breakpoint Shape
Core Type Asymmetrical






Reviews (7)

Eric Carroll
03-16-2020 09:38 AM
I got the Show Me The Money ball to compliment my Blizzard Blast. This ball does not disappoint. I had the sum of the angles a little smaller to have this ball read the midlane a little earlier and had the VAL angle a bit smaller to allow this ball to roll up and be continuous. The dual angle layout is 50 x 3.75" x 25. I am a 360-370 rev rate; 18 mph off the hand; 10-13 degree axis tilt; 55 degree axis rotation bowler. This ball is smooth, strong, continuous, and packs one heck of a punch through the pins. I recommend this ball to everyone.
This ball is great on tournament sport and challenge conditions. You got to get one!!!
Chris Ashworth
06-02-2020 09:05 PM
I have loved this ball right out the gate with a 300. I have a low rev of under 300. Speed is 15.5. Very easy to control as I put the ball around 12/8 comes back very nice and hits like a tank. Should be your 2nd game for sure
Steven Burger
07-06-2020 10:27 AM
Show Me The Money is very impressive. It might be the strongest ball ive ever thrown. but for me it doesnt die either. just continues down lane all the way through the pins. I drilled it 45x5x35 then buffed the surface to 5000 and just watched it strike at will.
Jeremiah Rooney
07-06-2020 02:17 PM
This ball is an absolute beast!

I put a short pin layout on mine to give me excellent control on a sport pattern or on lanes with fresh back ends or burned mids. The layout I used for this ball is 60 x 2" x 70. With this layout, the ball is able to control the middle and back end of the lane quite well but remains strong enough to get left and still carry the pocket.

I am a two-hander with a rev rate of 420-430 and a ball speed of 17-18 MPH.
07-29-2020 11:16 AM
Was very impressed with SMTM! Its the hardest hooking ball I've thrown and it's continuous finish was icing on the cake.
Ashley DeHollander
02-01-2021 10:09 AM
Very smooth, strong, and love the colors.
Was a surprised gift, and love the reaction I got with it.
Think this might be my second strongest ball I own.
Kyle Byers
02-02-2021 03:44 PM
Show Me The Money Review

This ball is one of the fastest reacting balls I’ve ever rolled. The pin carry is ridiculous and the flare is insane. Since picking up this ball, my average has increased 10 pins (212) I’ve rolled 16 strikes in a row, a 290 game, and 4 700 series. My playstyle is down and in with speed. This ball gives me the reaction I need to pound the pocket without taking speed off. 5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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