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Lord Field BLIZZARD SHOCK Lord Field - Hybrid - Asymmetrical - Heavy Oil .. Product #: BLZSHK71918 based on 15 reviews Regular price: $165.95 $165.95
Brand: Lord Field


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* Weight and Pin Distance:


Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Hybrid
Core Name Korrupt HD
Box Finish 2000 Grit Abralon Sanded
RG 2.482
Differential 0.052
Mass Bias 0.024
Length 4
Hook Rating Low Rev:7.5 High Rev:9.5
Coverstock Name Super Micro X9
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) 193
Bowlers Journal Ratings 58.5 Hook • 14 Length • 14.5 Breakpoint Shape




Reviews (15)

Malik Brown
08-05-2018 07:57 PM
It hooks It hooks It hooks. This ball loves the oil. Seems like the more oil the better it performs. Super clean through the heads and a strong move off the pattern but is very controllable. I used to love the Blizzard Hellfire but now its second to this beast. The one thing I love about this ball is it tends to hit so hard while keeping the pins low.
Shawn Ferguson
08-07-2018 08:22 PM
This ball is the best ball that this company has produce so far. Definition: hooks on anything. I finally found a ball not knock the others but im convinced with this hybrid. 42 feet of oil flat don't stand a chance against the Blizzard Shock. Clean through the front. Hooks alot. Strongest back to date. #gogetyouone
Steven Burger
08-10-2018 08:19 AM
I polished mine and drilled it to just roll. It does just that. Roll all the way down to the pins and then hits very hard. I am going to get a lot of use out of this ball.
James Ellington
08-16-2018 10:30 AM
Wow Wow Wow! The Black Blizzard being the first pearl in this line offered incredible ball motion with excellent length and one of the strongest back end moves with continuation I've ever seen. The Blizzard Shock takes that and cranks it up a few notches. An incredible combination of Hybrid cover at matte 2000 finish OOB makes this ball a must have in the bag on the fresh, heavier oil conditions, or sport patterns. As with most of the Lord Field balls, it hits incredibly hard and keeps the pins low which reduces back row leaves. I think the Korrupt HD core could be one of the best cores available.
John Wright
08-17-2018 01:40 PM
Need a true oil ball? The Blizzard shock is hard to beat. Throwing on a fresh heavy oil, this ball is the strongest in my bag. As a low rev stroker, this ball out hooked my go to Morpheus dream by 1 to 2 boards, allowing me to move more inside, while still being very predictable and playable on the outside. More arcing than the dream. This ball needs oil to see its best reaction, though it was still controllable on a medium volume. Predictable and consistent on any condition I tried it on, but really shines when the lanes are dripping with oil.
Layton A. Heller
08-21-2018 06:32 PM
Strong. Plain and simple it's the strongest ball I have. Controllable and predictable motion off the break point, I have used this one both a sport pattern and house shot and absolutely love it! The ball can be used start to finish ! Like others have said definite heavy oil ball for sure ! Strong motion and hits even harder ! Highly recommend !
Chris Claus
09-25-2018 06:05 AM
i bought this ball for my wife, we bowl in a league that has more oil the a typical house shot. this ball is clean through the heads, with a strong but predictable move off the back of the pattern. then boom, strong continuation through the pins. my wife's 1st game with it was 256. she is very pleased with the choice of balls i made for her.
11-05-2018 02:29 PM
Rolls extremely well. I love how it rolls through the oil , and finishes strong with lots of power. This is the best ball I have drilled in a long time. Was a Motiv man, now I am a Lord Fields man. Will order more equipment very shortly!!! After one game a guy next to me saw the reaction I was getting and ordered himself one while bowling. Get your self one today!
John Inderieden
11-26-2018 08:08 PM
This ball is a beast! It hits like a Mack truck. The hook is predictable and the ball retains all of its energy going through the pins. Shot 300/765 with it first set out of the box!
Dustin Johnson
12-12-2018 12:29 PM
THIS BALL IS A MONSTER. This is by far the most ball motion I've ever had in my hands. This is a must buy if you are looking for something for the higher volume shots. 10/10
Jeffrey A Wright
02-06-2019 10:41 AM
I took mine to 4000 with a light polish and drilled as a stacked leverage for a full roller and the ball gets down the lane with a pop on the backend. I am going to get a lot of use out of this ball.
Dennis Runkle
03-03-2019 10:48 AM
Medium ball speed, PAP 5" right 3/8"up. 17 deg of tilt. Left the ball at 2000 OOB matte finish. Drilled this ball at 55x4.38x40. Ball is pretty clean on the front, picks up mid lane and has great continuation through the pins. Pick up this ball and Prepare yourself for BLIZZARD SHOCK.
Gilbert Geer
04-24-2019 10:15 AM
Hybrid cover gives the best of both worlds the length of a pearl with the control-ability of a solid. Took mine down to 1000 grit to compensate for my higher speed and wow did the Blizzard Shock shine while other bowlers were struggling to consistently find the pocket. I was in the "sweet spot" of the rack all night and the pins knew it.
Michael Bishop
10-27-2021 07:45 AM
Once I got a game in a half on this monster, she really shows you what she’s all about. The midlane bite smoothed out and this ball became more rounded off the spot which my eye loves to see. I put a 55 * 4 3/4 * 35 layout on it which allows the ball to pick up it’s roll a little later downlane. This ball is a little weaker layout wise then my Blizzard Blast, but looks stronger in action. This will be a great addition to my bag. #Lordfield

Michael Bishop
California Bowling Area Staff
Tony Cook
05-11-2022 09:35 PM
16mph, 380 rev rate, PAP 4>1.5^
Drilled at 45x4.5x30
For me this ball is great on fresh heavier oil patterns. Reads the mid lane well, has a smooth continuous motion through the hook and roll phase. This ball has all the power needed to make pins fly..
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