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Swag SWAGGER Video .. Product #: swagger2018 based on 4 reviews Regular price: $169.99 $169.99
Brand: Swag


Available Options

* Weight:
* Pin Distance:




Ball Specs
Box Finish 2000 Grit Sanded
RG 2.555
Coverstock Type Solid
Lane Condition Heavy
Differential 0.048
Mass Bias
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name BRAGGER 1
Core Name CRANK3R

Reviews (4)

Marco Hernandez
12-14-2018 07:03 AM
I know this is probably a bit too soon since I have only one set with this ball, but I want to get the word out. This is my new favorite ball after the Joker. I drilled with pin up with cg out to get more arc. On fresh oil or transition this ball hits consistently and is very forgiving on user errors. if you are on the edge to get this ball don't think and just do it you will enjoy.
Yuma Scott
12-21-2018 10:02 AM
My ball speed is generally around 14 mph, my pap is 4-3/1x3/4 up. The layout I used was 25x4-1/2x40.
I got the chance to use this for the first time in league at a house that is usually considered slick. It definitely ate through the oil. I wasn't sure what to expect with this new symmetrical core which I generally don't have much success with, but this ball met my expectations and made a nice left turn at break point.
I had to make a move left for transition but it still made the corner and carried just as well as on fresh. Great ball to have!
Steven Burger
12-27-2018 07:28 AM
Strong Cover with a high RG to get length makes this ball a great Core Cover Combo. The ball waits to get into its roll then rolls very heavy into the pocket keeping pins low for better carry. It is another great addition to the Swag line for a different angle with great results. Keep up the great work Swag.
Dalton Boggs
01-10-2019 10:36 AM
I drilled mine 40 x 4 1/2 x 30.

This ball is by far one of the most aggressive bowling balls I have ever thrown. I never have to worry about the ball not getting back up or turning the corner.

I have had the ability to use this ball on a couple different lane conditions and it gives me a consistent roll. Straight up or swinging the ball the Swagger is going to give you a good entry into the pocket.
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