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Swag JERK (SOLID)- BLK SLD SWAG - SOLID  MID to HEAVY Symmetrical .. Product #: JERK-S based on 7 reviews Regular price: $159.95 $159.95
Brand: Swag

$135.96  $159.95

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Ball Specs
Lane Condition MID TO HEAVY
Coverstock Type SOLID
RG 2.537
Differential 0.027
Mass Bias N/A
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name USY 2 (SOLID)
Released MARCH 2023
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (7)

Hogan Hargrove
04-24-2024 11:12 AM
Really like the reaction I get out this ball. Put the CTD TRUcut gloss on it and MANNNNNN! Floats thru the fronts and sends the pins back to their mama!
Tim Klepper
08-20-2023 04:33 PM
Area Staffer
Right Hand with Thumb
17.5mph/490rpm/55* rotation/4* tilt

Throwing this ball to fill a gap in my bag, it actually is a bit stronger than expected, but fills that gap well, as it has the same medium-strong cover as the Swagger Bomb, with a lower torque-ing symmetrical core.

If you like the Bomb, this ball acts as a perfect transition down with a bit weaker motion on the back, but the same strong cover that stabilizes through the midlane. I tried it with the polish and without, and it is a bit jumpier than desired for me with it, but it's still a great rolling ball and is a perfect entry level ball for many newer bowlers. It also provides that great burn ball for low rev players.
Tony Cook
04-25-2023 08:32 PM
This ball is incredible smooth with nice rollie backend. This ball is great for the transition or light oil for me. Drilled it 45x4.5x30 and loving it.
Mark Welser
04-22-2023 10:26 AM
I bought this ball to complement the XXXmas, and I think it's done that quite well! It comes OOB polished, but I put 2000 on it which really made the ball quite strong for a weaker cover! It's not too snappy for me, and it carries through the pins well.
Brian Medford
04-20-2023 05:15 PM
Drilled the Jerk Solid with pin above the bridge and CG kicked towards my PAP. Same drilling I have on my Yolo Rocks and Bubblegum Geek.

Ball reads the lane almost identically to the Yolo Rocks, similar shape and jaw dropping power at the pin deck. Jerk was 3-4 boards weaker than the Yolo Rocks and about 5 boards stronger than the Geek. Ball screams benchmark for me.
Greg Meyer
04-02-2023 03:16 PM
I bought the 10# solid for my 13yr old daughter who started bowling about 7 months ago. She started with a 6# T Zone and then a 9# Brunswick. She wanted to throw a hook so we got a 10# Rhino but was getting frustrated with it. She was a 79 average in her Saturday league when we got her the Jerk solid. Right out of the box she shot her best single game, 138 (better than 20 pins over her best game) and a three game series of 336 (45 pins over her previous best). I roll exclusively CB and my daughter is on board now as well.
Greg Meyer
04-02-2023 07:21 AM
Bought the 10# solid for my 13yr old daughter who wanted to learn to roll with a hook. Her plastic ball was frustrating for her and I was finding it difficult to find a lightweight ball with a core. Normally a 79 average in her league, she used the Jerk solid for the first time and shot a 138 (highest single game score by almost 20 pins) and a 336 three game series, (also a new high by 45 pins). I am so impressed that I am looking to get one for my spare ball.
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