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Swag JERK (HYBRID)- PNK HY SWAG - HYBRID MID to HEAVY Symmetrical .. Product #: JERK-H based on 5 reviews Regular price: $159.95 $159.95
Brand: Swag

$135.96  $159.95

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Ball Specs
Lane Condition MID TO HEAVY
Coverstock Type HYBRID
RG 2.536
Differential 0.028
Mass Bias N/A
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name USY 2 (HYBRID)
Released MARCH 2023
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (5)

Jacob Harper
11-07-2023 10:06 AM
The Hybrid is a really good low end ball! Great for rev dominant bowlers or for the beginner bowler! Won’t ever do anything crazy on you. Clean and controllable!
Tony McGerr
06-06-2023 06:17 PM
This will be one of my go-to pieces when the conditions get tricky. Mine is laid out RICO and is incredibly clean through the fronts/mids while yielding a nice, controllable, smooth arc to the pocket once it sees the friction. Folks who bowl in older houses, any condition with a lot of built-in friction, or are looking for a great transition piece to keep the angles straight with will love the Jerk series, and the hybrid performs (and looks) great.
Andre Carter
05-29-2023 02:46 PM
I bowled with this ball and it amazed me how clean it got through the front and continued through the pins. I’ve bowled with hybrids before and this is by far the smoothest one I’ve thrown. A must have!!!!!!!
Derrick Evans
04-23-2023 05:58 PM
This ball rolls stronger than expected. Recently bowl on a medium oil pattern and got great shape. To me it has some versatility and can be used in the late stages of competition.
Kiefer Neumann
03-31-2023 06:21 AM
If you have a lot of revs or bowl on lower volume patterns, this ball is a must have. Got this for my low volume house shot and was not disappointed. Seemed to blend the lane very well. This ball exceeds its lower price point.
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