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Legends PURE DIAMOND LEGENDS - SYMMETRICAL - PEARL - MEDIUM .. Product #: PD2019 based on 15 reviews Regular price: $169.95 $169.95
Brand: Legends


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Dynasty
Box Finish 1000 Abralon & Factory Polish
RG 2.573
Differential 0.056
Coverstock Name XRT1321
Released December 2019
Bowlers Journal Ratings 55 Hook 17 - Length 17 - Breakpoint Shape
Core Type Symmetrical



Reviews (15)

Richard Ayers
12-18-2019 06:04 PM
I punched this up so I could have a different look at Bowlmor Green Brook. This past Monday was the first time in over 5 weeks that I actually used resin in that house. I used this ball game 2 when my shot got a little funny. I put a negative layout on the ball and it allows me to stay right and play up the boards. Great addition in my bag.
Greg Cook
01-08-2020 06:17 PM
Drilled this one 50 x 4.5 x 35
It really digs in and reads the midland with strong continuous turn to the pocket
Liking what I’m seeing from this new ball so far
First ball out of the bag last 2 weeks
Leon Valentin
01-25-2020 09:29 AM
I was really excited about this ball. I had it drill to go long. This ball is strong but was going a little too long than I wanted it to. So I took the polish off and kept it at 1000 grit and WOW its everything I wanted. Strong through the pocket with a ton of carry.

California Bowling LLC Area Staff.
Jordan Franks
02-09-2020 04:51 PM
Have found this ball can hit like a tank but for me the lane needs to be the perfect amount of oil and friction. Have shot quite a few big games a rather long and makes a sweeping Arch.
Chris Bailey
02-13-2020 12:59 PM
I drilled this ball to go long and hook on the end. I had to wait till the lanes broke down a little to throw it but boy does it hit hard. Great addition to my bag.
Dean Cool Jr
04-22-2020 12:27 PM
If your looking for a mid lane ball with length and smooth? Pure Diamond is the ball to add to your bag !! This ball still has its energy playing mid lane when it drives through the pins!!!
Jim VanLeuven
05-06-2020 06:39 AM
I bought this ball for the medium lane conditions in my area and this ball has not let me down, I improved my average by 15 pins in those house and am caring a 212 Average, I would recommend this ball to be in your arsenal.
Chad Bischof
07-09-2020 10:25 AM
Another quality, two-piece product from the Legends series. Hits like truck and crushes those dreaded Twister pins.
Depending on the pattern, this would be a complementary ball for later games or could be your firs at ball out of the bag...Conditions will determine that. Either way, it’s a must for my bag!
Dan Vogt
09-05-2020 05:26 PM
Drilled this one with a 3x4x1. The Diamond line is absolutely incredible. I am a lefty that plays the standard down and in and I am a slightly speed dominant player at about 15 MPH. We drilled this ball to read in the mids and make a nice smooth arc to the pocket. This ball is smooth, controllable and the 2 piece construction is STRONG at the pin deck for me. 299/791 and 30 clean out of the box. Really, anything in the Diamond line should be a great fit for almost all bowlers looking for a great benchmark ball!
Jason Szymanski
09-15-2020 08:02 PM
I wasn't personally impressed with this ball. It doesn't fit my game. Drilled it 45x4x30. It does not move, even on a transition and burned up shot.
Mike Saari
10-05-2020 07:41 PM
I'm a huge fan of Legends' 2-piece marbles that have the Dynasty core, & the Pure Diamond is no exception. I drilled this one up 5 x 4 x 3 for added length, ending in a smooth arc. This ball is a must have for lighter patterns, wet/dry conditions, or late blocks of tournaments!

Mike Saari
Area Staff Member,
Lane Masters/Legends/Lord Field/SWAG
Dan De Marco
01-06-2021 08:15 AM
Ball is really a nice addition when the lanes start to break down. Play it up the 10 board on a THS and it's hard to beat. This ball is a little speed sensitive so if you throw it too hard it may not make it back and you may come up light to the pocket. Overall a solid ball 4.7 stars.
James pixley
01-09-2021 08:58 AM
Drilled this ball with the pin up above ring finger and the ball out preformed some of my other big name company equipment I absolutely love this ball
James pixley
01-09-2021 09:14 AM
Drilled this ball with the pin up above the ring finger and I absolutely love it the ball actually out performs some of my other big name balls I'm very satisfied with this piece and does it pack a punch on the pins
sean gruetter
01-19-2021 11:52 AM
the pure diamond is a amazing ball for medium to dry lane conditions. I'm left handed and I throw 14 lb. This 2 piece ball with the dynasty core RG. 2.62 and DIFF. 0.33 and XRT1321 pearl cover. My layout is 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 with this layout and cover stock I get clean threw the front and mid lane and a strong backend motion.
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