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Lord Field QUEEN Lord Field - Solid - Symmetrical - Medium/Heavy    .. Product #: 17 based on 4 reviews Regular price: $0.00 $0.00


Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium/Heavy
Coverstock Type Solid
Core Name grenade
Box Finish 2000 Sanded
RG 2.492
Differential 0.055
Mass Bias N/A
Length 6.5
Hook Rating Low Rev:6.5 High Rev:8.5
Coverstock Name proton+3.0
Core Type Symmetrical


Reviews (4)

Rich Letts
05-04-2021 12:33 PM
Im late to the game with this beast but happy i got on the bandwagon. Dull was very forward rolly type , but polished !!!! holy crap strong off the spot and explosive thru the pins, a little surface adjustment and BOOOOOM
Ashley DeHollander
02-01-2021 09:59 AM
Aggressive! Great for heavy oil.
I’m able to play right outside of 6 and play a down in shots
The Queen is my favorite ball right now. Shot 279 with it right out the box, and I only average 170.
Joseph Proffitt
09-10-2018 12:27 AM
CBC Area/Regional Staffer (Northeast Region)
Bowling Hand - Right
Current Avg. 229
Ball Speed Avg - 17 mph
Rev Rate - 550 rpm
Layout - 60 X 4 1/4" X 30
Finish - Box Finish (2000 Sanded)
Weight - 13 lbs

***Currently In My Bag / Lord Field King, Lord Field Queen, Lord Field Royal Queen, Lord Field Holy Knight, Legends Pink Spare***

The Queen is the second solid in the series and in my opinion, it's also the most aggressive. Like the other releases in this series, this ball sacrifices nothing and shows that the Grenade Core and Proton Covers are an excellent combination of power and extreme durability. If you are looking for a ball that can handle heavy oil/long oil patterns the Queen is my recommendation. We also have several other balls that excel on heavy oil like the Athena, Blizzard Shock and Fantasy

I found the Queen performs best for me on heavier /longer oil patterns like the PBA Badger, Kegel Statue of Liberty and Kegel Eiffel Tower.
Michael Hess
01-20-2018 02:00 PM
This ball is a flare monster! Even with a weaker pin down drilling this ball flared a ton. Excellent oil ball. I have used this on heavier house shots and several sport shots. Ball eats up oil and maintains enough energy to crush pin decks. Cover does require simple maintenance and needs to be cleaned regularly.
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