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Swag GRAFFITI ARTIST SWAG- Pearl- Asymmetrical-Heavy Oil             .. Product #: GRAFFITI-ART based on 8 reviews Regular price: $189.95 $189.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type PEARL
Box Finish 2500 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.511
Differential 0.052
Mass Bias 0.031
Coverstock Name UP 1 (PEARL)
Released FEB 2024
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type asymmetrical









Reviews (8)

Lhito Sariego
04-04-2024 12:45 PM
I'm a senior bowler with 193 average, and low ball speed, bought this ball for medium to light oil pattern. this ball was recommended by friend Kurtis Lee who’s a Swag Staffer, drilled the Graffiti Artist with a short pin layout, I have a unbelievable ball reaction with this layout, ball is very controllable and forgiving, ball clears the front with ease and unlimited recovery from shots either missed right or pulled, ball always finds its way back to the pocket. I have this ball for a couple of weeks and I have been averaging 230 with this ball, This ball is must have ball for seniors with low ball speed like myself.
Jacob Harper
03-11-2024 02:03 PM
Part 2: After shining this ball up, safe to say I like it better with the shine! Much cleaner now, but not angular. Now it’s my go to first transition ball on house and it is a killer! Pretty ball, takes well to surface, will fit so many styles of players, versatile, what more would you want??
Patrick Roper
03-02-2024 04:57 AM
This ball is something special. I shot 759 out of tbe box. This ball is very smooth and transitions well. Next to the original blizzard blast my new favorite ball.
Michael Dempster
03-01-2024 05:08 AM
Regional staffer
No thumb/one hand
15-17 mph
Fantastic ball from SWAG
The coverstock on this is perfect
If your not throwing this
You should be
Great job
Justin Koonz
02-26-2024 09:55 AM
Great ball! I drilled it up 45/3.5/10 and it reads the mid-lane well and hits hard in the pocket. I am able to play the deeper parts of the lane with this ball especially when there is carry down. It also can play up the 5 board and hold early on in the fresh oil. Definitely recommend this one!
Hunter Brooks
02-19-2024 07:09 AM
PBA 50 Staffer -I drilled this ball 35x4x30, to compliment the Graffiti Tracker. On the fresh house shot this ball was very versatile for me while still retaining a continuous roll through the pins with very little deflection. It allowed me to play straight down 10 or move left and play 15-5 or 15 to the gutter if I wanted. As the lanes progressed, I was able to move left and played 20 at the arrows to 10. On a 42' sport shot this ball allowed to continue to play straight down 10 with no surface adjustments, as the lane progressed, I move left and played 15-8 with a very smooth reaction off the pattern.
My overall impression of this ball is very strong with a continuous roll to the pocket. I find this ball to be three to five boards stronger than the tracker overall. This will be a great ball for anybody that wished to play on a house shot or sport shot.
Jacob Harper
02-12-2024 04:32 AM
In love with this ball! Definitely the strongest Graffiti we’ve had. Picks up earlier in the mid lane and more forward off the spot. Great control on larger volumes! However I drilled this one to be more angular, so when I shine it up I’ll be leaving another review here soon!
Hogan Hargrove
02-07-2024 09:10 AM
Every time I get a new $WAG piece, I always say it's the best ball I've thrown so far......NOTHING CHANGES HERE! This ball is very, very smooth but still packs a heavy punch once it reaches the pins. Highly recommend putting some holes in this bad boy!
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