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Swag FANTASY Swag - Symmetrical - Heavy - Solid.. Product #: 02EIS based on 10 reviews Regular price: $0.00 $0.00


Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Solid
Core Name Mushroom
Box Finish 2000 Grit Sanded
RG 2.465
Differential 0.049
Mass Bias N/A
Length 5.5
Hook Rating Low Rev:6 High Rev:8
Coverstock Name Reverie 1
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (10)

Kent Ames
12-22-2017 08:16 AM
Smooth yet strong. Blasts pins. Already put a 300 on mine in tournament. Combines perfect with the Yolo for an awesome 1 - 2 punch.
Steven Burger
01-10-2018 12:43 PM
The ball is very predictable. It hits very hard. it is also very versatile.
Chris Trigg
01-16-2018 09:47 AM
I've taken this ball up to 3k with polish, it is the perfect compliment to the Swag YOLO when the yolo become overly aggressive I move to the polished fantasy to stay in the same area of play, ball gets good length and for a solid has a very pearlesque move on the back side. Carries well hits hard rolls true, very easy piece to throw
Alan Dale
02-02-2018 09:55 PM
I have also polished my fantasy. I do believe everyone that has his fault is in agreeance that the YOLO is a complementary ball to this ball. Is spotless clean and smooth to the heads with great Length and a strong back end reaction. The fantasy has a continuous ball reaction while traveling through the pin deck. Easily my new Benchmark ball!!
Kenneth Kirkman
04-18-2018 07:05 PM
As I am more of a down and in player with medium rev rate this ball allows me to play my typical line when the lanes are oily. I clears through the front and mid with an aggressive continuation through the pocket As the lanes break down I can migrate left with the ball and it continues to have the same finish
Shawn Ferguson
09-09-2019 04:31 PM
The Fantasy is a Midlane reading ball with very solid read off the spot. Need a good volume oil. Great piece to match with the Fantasy Star if need something to read a bit earlier and drive through the pin deck. Surface changes make it very versatile. Drilled mines 70 by 3 1/2 by 20. Clean down lane and digging in oil. #10totheback
Greg Cook
09-29-2019 09:37 AM
Very impressed with the continuous heavy roll , not overly aggressive with a pin down layout
75 x 5 x 60
Great transition ball to smooth out the backend , I’ll have this one in my bag for awhile .
Salvatore Chiaravalloti
12-05-2019 09:48 AM
Very smooth and very strong great ball to have in your bag
Jeremiah Rooney
03-21-2021 07:40 PM
I absolutely love this ball. The Fantasy does an excellent job of storing energy through the heads and then releasing it at the breakpoint. On a house shot, I am able to use this ball playing pretty steep angles. On sport shots, I am able to use this ball to really control the pocket. This ball loves to continue through the pins and it is easy to know when the transition is coming because this ball won't stop driving when it contacts the pins!
Kenneth Kirkman
04-12-2021 09:18 AM
Drilled this one based off my new span. Ball is very strong but get through the fronts well. I used a basic leverage drill for symmetrical balls and this one worked well
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