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Swag BIG BRO GALAXY SWAG - Pearl - Heavy Asymmetrical .. Product #: bigbroGalaxy based on 9 reviews Regular price: $169.95 $169.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition HEAVY
Coverstock Type PEARL
Box Finish 3000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.475
Differential 0.053
Mass Bias 0.019
Coverstock Name REVERIE 3
Released May 2020
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings 60 Hook - 15 Length - 14 Breakpoint Shape
Core Type Asymmetrical



Reviews (9)

Jason Szymanski
06-11-2020 06:54 AM
I drilled mine 45 x 4.5 x 45. This ball has a strong mid-lane presence, and makes a strong turn off of the spot. Personally, for me, this ball will be more effective when the lanes dry out and/or the oil is carried down. Another great product from the SWAG line.
Scott Lyons
06-20-2020 05:16 PM
Great ball out of the bag for first game I added a reactive polish to mine drilled it 50x4.5x30 to give that extra hook down lane recommendation for anyone looking for versatile ball
Ryan Phipps
07-01-2020 07:40 AM
This ball is an absolute beast. For me it's a very controllable ball and doesn't want to break free and over hook. I have a lower rev rate (about 350) and ball speed the can very from 12-15 depending on where im playing on the lane. I plan on picking up a second one and adding polish to it to get a little more snap on it for when the lanes break down and I need to get the ball through the fronts
Kenny Hymel
07-17-2020 07:54 PM
Let’s talk,this ball is very strong. The layout is stacked leverage an a polished shell.The ball was a little unpredictable on fresh an a fresh shell,but after a game an a half the ball came to life very strong rolling off the point an still finishes in the oil so my assumption of the ball is if your straight down the boards really good an if you get hand in it very good so try it
I love it Thanks Swag
Tim Curran
09-16-2020 12:15 PM
Another great ball from SWAG. The Big Bro Galaxy gets through the heads clean before revving up to make a hard left turn. Pairs great with my Hip Star when the pattern starts to break down and I need the ball to get a little further down lane and store more energy off the back of pattern.
Kileene Collins
09-17-2020 12:35 PM
My customer loves this ball! He has low ball speed and medium revs. He uses it at a house that has typically drier lanes and says he loves how it reacts.
Gavin Shank
10-18-2020 06:38 PM
Love this ball. It's easy to read and gives me something to go to for late in the set.
Marc Tegtmeyer
10-19-2020 09:04 AM
After many surgeries I was finally able to throw my Big Bro, Wow, this ball hits like a truck. I had to move left off my normal line where most balls quit at our house this ball picks up nice in the mid-lane and retains enough energy that when it gets into the roll faze it drives thru the pins, finishing over the eight pin obliterating the rack. Great ball for my first California LLC buy.
John Dailey
10-23-2020 05:31 AM
layout: 45 X 35 X 4 5/8
pap 5 X 1 up
rev rate: 310
mph: 16
This is a great all around ball. Purchased the ball to be a 1 - 2 punch with the Big Bro Flexin and drilled them exactly the same. This ball allows me to transition from the Flexin when it starts to over react without making large moves (usually 1 to 3 boards). This ball gets thru the fronts easily and is continuous on the back end. It allows me to soften my speed, change my hand and move left to open up my angles without sacrificing striking power. If you like changing hand position to create different ball rolls, this is the ball for you. However, you can play it straighter and strike for days. I would recommend this ball for anyone looking for a strong controllable ball.
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