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DNS 50 Pack of Pre Cut Tape Lane Masters Pre-Cut fitting tape comes in 4 textures and 5 colors. LMF 100 - Semi Soft Texture i.. Product #: 96 based on 3 reviews Regular price: $15.00 $15.00
Brand: DNS


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Lane Masters Pre-Cut fitting tape comes in 4 textures and 5 colors.

LMF 100 - Semi Soft Texture is Yellow and is medium thickness.

LMF 200 - Soft Texture is Orange and is Medium Thickness. Little slicker than LMF 100

LMF 300 - Uneven Texture and Coarse texture and is Teal in color. Thickest tape of all 5.

LMF 400 - Silky Soft texture and is Blue color. This is the slickest and finest grit tape. 

LMF Logo Thumb is Semi soft as the yellow but with white background and LM Logo.  White background makes it a preferred tape for fitting versus releasing.

All the above tapes come in 12 pack boxes with 50 per pack total 600 Pieces

LMF Logo Fingers. Same as Thumb tapes but cut in half at 1.25cm wide. 12 packs per box 100 pieces per pack. 1200 pieces.

Reviews (3)

Sean Kane
05-27-2022 03:03 PM
My father uses these and has had no issues.
Yuma Scott
11-30-2019 09:55 AM
I've used other thumb tapes and wanted to try the white logo tape from California Bowling. I have used it ever since! It covers more area, it's longer, and stretches to help stay on better. Great stuff!
Paul Sundvold
01-24-2019 09:17 AM
Way better tape than I have used before. I tried the Yellow, which is an equivalent to the #3 Green from other suppliers. Could not be happier with the way it held up over 6 games of bowling. The other brand would have needed to be replaced 3 times over 6 games. Talk about saving money! Highly recommend giving this tape a try for yourself!
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