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Name:Larry Ray Gilreath
Date of Score(s):14 October 2021
Ball(s) Used:EXODUS G1- and Exodus Iron
Additional Comments:Just got the balls drilled, have only about 9 games , started with the G1 bowled 276, started getting a little tired, I am 67 years old, bowled the 212, and changed to the Iron, after a few line up shots ending with a good game that started out bad. Great balls bowled a 300 with another Exodus Iron in 2017. Those bowlers out that are having balls that are cracking listen, I have Lord Field balls for 11 years and the only one that cracked was a Storm bowling ball that was only 3 years , old. So if you are looking at good bowling balls look at the Lord Field- Lane Masters you will be happy about how much you will save on great bowling balls.
Blizzard Shock

Exodus G1

Blizzard Shock

Exodus Iron

Blizzard Shock

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