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Lord Field EXODUS IRON (POLISHED) Lord Field - Symmetrical - Particle Solid - Medium .. Product #: 61P based on 9 reviews Regular price: $74.95 $74.95
Brand: Lord Field


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium
Coverstock Type Particle Solid
Core Name X-Boss
Box Finish 2000 Sanded & Polished
RG 2.562
Differential 0.040
Length 7.5
Hook Rating Low Rev:4.5 High Rev:6.5
Coverstock Name Sinchrotron Alpha
Core Type Symmetrical


Reviews (9)

dennis whiteaker
04-02-2023 07:52 PM
this ball has become one of my favorites it has fit in great with the buzzer beater and black pearl treasure. this ball hits hard and the pin just explode. best closeout ball I've gotten.
10-14-2022 08:42 AM
I am so upset that I could never find this ball in a #14 after I found out how good it rolls. I wasnt able to purchase it but I have sold 5 of them, laid them out, and had them punched up. And every single bowler loves this ball. The Iron is the down and in specialist.

This 2-piece ball is phenomenal and for some reason (unless you throw an extremely terrible shot), the Iron will not jump pass the head pin. With unbelievable carry, the iron strikes when it hits high on the head pin and leaves very few corner pins when it hits the pocket.

If you dont mind adjusting speed, you can use it in 1st game oil or just pull it out during transition. When everyone else is migrating left, the bowler shooting the iron can stay right without issue.

Great ball! Wish they would bring another 2-piece version of this ball in a solid and a hybrid. If there are still some #15's & #16 balls left. Get this ball while you still have time. Check out the review for Gary Gilchrist.
Scott Cocherell
03-29-2022 06:19 PM
Great ball! Drilled it 55 x 3 3/8 x 35. Hits hard and doesn't overreact when thrown into the dry like my Legends Deep Sea and Blue Ocean tend to do. First game after drill was a 260 and shot 692 for 3. I did touch the surface with 500 then 2000. Works great on house pattern for sure!
12-20-2021 08:20 AM
You can't go wrong with this ball..
It's a smooth operator
Gary Gilchrist
09-21-2020 09:42 AM
I got this ball two weeks ago and I Love it. Two piece cover, nice smooth move to the pocket, and hits like brick. I shot a 803 with this ball, 257, 266, 280. The best $74.95 I’ve ever spent.
David Beamon
01-29-2020 11:11 PM
love this ball can play any part of the lane with it first ball out of my bag and i don't leave home without. Destroys the pins upon entry
Dan Vogt
11-07-2019 01:31 PM
The Exodus line is incredible Another 2 piece ball that provides incredible hitting power. The particle cover stock gives great traction down lane. For under $70 you can't go wrong with this ball!
06-16-2018 06:44 AM
Best all around ball in my bag. The pin carry is amazing!
Paul Sundvold
03-08-2018 01:11 PM
Bought 2 of these to have my teammates try the Company out. 1st Night out of fresh house shot 1st guy 794 2nd guy 808.....this ball is no joke smooth and strong. Would carry light hits and dominate of pocket hits. The pins didn't stand a chance is what they both said about this ball!
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