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Lord Field EXODUS G1 Lord Field - Symmetrical - Medium - Solid .. Product #: 37 based on 9 reviews Regular price: $65.95 $65.95
Brand: Lord Field


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium
Coverstock Type Solid
Core Name EX-G1
Box Finish 4000 Sanded
RG 2.522
Differential 0.055
Length 8.5
Hook Rating Low Rev:6 High Rev:8
Coverstock Name Activator Smart Technology
Core Type Symmetrical


Reviews (9)

Grant Ujimori
04-14-2023 11:36 AM
Very Strong core/cover combination that creates a ball with a medium quicker response to friction, while still having a controllable shape and continuation. Good benchmark ball candidate for medium to heavier patterns. Very versatile to surface adjustments to change length/shape
Tim Klepper
02-17-2023 02:39 PM
Area Staffer
Right Hand with Thumb
17.5mph/450rpm/55* rotation/4* tilt
The Exodus G1 is drilled pin up to flare and provide a smooth, solid, benchmark shape.
I actually drilled a second one with the Pin down and had 2 vastly different ball strengths (perhaps the pour of the cover was different). I ended up getting the stronger (pin down) one to a friend as a dry lane ball.
The Pin up Exodus G1 is incredibly smooth, even drilled pin up to flare, and provides a stable arc-ing shape that falls in the med-light tier. As a closeout ball, this one will likely not be around much longer, but while you can grab it, it provides a very controllable reaction for a medium THS ball, and also provides a lower-end, smooth shape for sport shots.
It all depends on whether it reacts more like my pin down cover (less overall hook, better for high rev players) or the pin up cover (about 10 boards more of hook, better for low rev players).
Mike Pannuto
09-29-2021 02:10 PM
Oustanding ball! Had mine drilled at 40 x 4.25 x 30 and hit it with 1500. Used it for the first time today for last two games and went 245 then 248. What a great value at $65 bucks, I will be ordering another one soon :)
Parree Porter, Jr
01-10-2020 06:15 PM
A lot of people think this ball is “just a transition piece” but let me tell you, it may be the best ball you can get for the money. Great midland read and OMG does this ball make a great move to the pocket and the carry is amazing!!! Do yourself a favor and get one while they last because I’m about to get another
Dan Vogt
11-07-2019 01:14 PM
I drilled mine with a 3x4x1 layout to help read the mids early since I am a speed dominate, lower rev payer. This ball is VERY VERY predictable with a nice smooth turn to the pocket. The Exodus G1 is great through the pins as well, very little deflection and excellent corner pin carry! An EXCELLENT ball for under $70!
Dennis Runkle
05-19-2019 07:06 AM
This is a medium oil ball and I drilled this ball to read the mid lanes and give me a easy length and a controlled back end reaction. I drilled this ball 60 x 4.25x55 and adjusted the surface back to 2000. This ball really works well when the lanes start to transition to the dry and fits well between my Joker and my Fantasy Star for reaction.
04-09-2019 11:54 PM
I drilled this ball to go long, and even that couldnt take the early read and hook out of this ball, i got it for under $70 and it kills pins like any $120 -150 ball on the market, dont knock it til ya try it.... the last thing i expected to be throwing last tournament game 2 was this ball, but here it was reading my inside track line ( i have 405-415 rev rate) as consistent as can be this ball is like a champ, consistent reaction over and over again, shows no wear and tear after 30 games, very very well made

Shawn Ferguson
04-04-2019 04:00 AM
Good midlane reading ball for mediume oil with a nice backend reaction. Nothing too much or too less. Suffice adjust may help being that it comes at 4000 sanded for those who need a little earlier breakpoint. For the price it's a steal. Hey i sold 5 so far. #giveittry
James (Tony) Cox
03-17-2019 11:06 PM
What can I say about this ball? One word, PHENOMINAL!!

This ball may be set up to be a medium condition ball, but boy, does this thing hook, and hook hard. My last 2 sets with this ball, 804 and 752. Exceptionally consistent movement. This ball may be a closeout, but it hits as hard or harder than anything we carry. A MUST have in the bag.
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